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Your Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Funnels For Your Online Business.  A One Time Offer


Your funnel is the singular most important aspect of your online marketing. It basically allows you to grow your leads, increase visibility and make sales on a regular basis on auto pilot.


It is no longer enough to work on and in your business day in day out. A lot of online coaches and content creators are so lost in the day-to-day marketing of their online businesses that they often forget or neglect other aspects of their lives.


This was my experience until I set up funnels for my online businesses, freeing myself up to work on other income streams and extra curriculars


The DIY FUNNEL GUIDE was designed to educate every online business owner on the types of funnels that exist and how to decide on the funnels they need to incorporate NOW. It also shows you all the moving parts needed to set up a profitable funnel. Answering all the questions you have about funnels

The guide includes funnel diagrams and resources that will help you set up your funnels in a weekend.

Hi, my name is Banke and I set up funnels for a living. As a virtual assistant (offering social media management services) , I became so engrossed in working on my client tasks that my business began to suffer.


I was unable to show up every day and I needed a way to keep my business visible and profitable even though I had literally no time. That was my first contact with funnels. It allowed me to increase my leads, get people asking about my services and I was able to sell some courses too!


Over the last 3 years, my business has evolved and we now offertech support services and one major service is FUNNEL building because I know it’s importance and I am happy to set it up for my clients.


I realize that not everyone will want to hire out funnel building services. A lot of us love the DIY Route and that is why I created this guide to make the process an easy and seamless one for you!

Learn about the various funnels and which one works for your kind of business

Learn about the anatomy of a successful funnel

Lay your hands on resources that will help you set up & launch a profitable funnel.

Diy Funnel Guide

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